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Adjusting a TXV/TEV is an advanced skill for a technician who has a good grasp on their readings and the forces at play. Tread carefully. —Bryan. P.S. – Here is a great resource from Parker/Sporlan

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Once you have ensured all the above things, you can adjust the thermostatic expansion valve (TXV). Step 1. With the help of a wrench and the backing wrench with the adjustable screw, the technicians are challenged to remove the hex cap located on the base of the TXV valve. Step 2.

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The TXV cannot be adjusted open or closed, it is a modulating valve. Turning the adjustment stem clockwise will only increase spring pressure causing a higher superheat. Turning the adjustment stem counterclockwise will decrease spring pressure reducing superheat.

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The thermostatic expansion valve allows you to keep a constant superheat (or refrigerant level) at varying load situations in the refrigeration system to save energy. Features and benefits Adjustable and non-adjustable superheat setting designs

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The spring is also a closing force and on an adjustable valve increasing the spring tension/force results in lower flow and higher superheat, decreasing the spring tension/force results in more flow and lower superheat.

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TXV accessories: Product description: Thermostatic Expans. Valve: Product family name: TGE: Product group: Expansion valves: Product name: Thermostatic expansion valve: Quantity per packing format: 12 pc: Rated cap. cond. Range N [IMP] tcond=100 °F tevap=40 °F tliq=98 °F: Rated cap. cond. Range N [SI] tcond=38 °C tevap=4.4 °C tliq=37 °C ...

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ADJUSTABLE SUPERHEAT DESIGN All standard valves are externally adjustable. Outstanding Features & Benefits of Sporlan Thermostatic Expansion Valves FOR USE ON REFRIGERATION and/or AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS ONLY Bulletin 10-10, April 2011 supersedes Bulletin 10-10, October 2009 and all prior publications.

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expansion valve, the thermostatic expansion valve, and the elec-tric expansion valve. The fixed area restrictor expansion device is simply a precisely formed restriction through which liquid refrigerant flows. Two common examples of this type of device are the capillary tube, or cap tube, and the short tube restrictor, or plug orifice.

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Locate the adjustment needle on the thermostatic expansion valve. Turn the adjustment needle one quarter turn counterclockwise to decrease the temperature. Each quarter turn is equal to one degree.