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7 Super Discreet Sex Toys You Presumably Can Hide In Plain Sight

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6 Discreet Sex Toys That Can Hide In Plain Sight

Gone are the days of loud and cumbersome sex toys, as now there’s a whole variety of discreet designs to stimulate your sensitive areas. From whisper-quiet motors to incredibly inconspicuous shapes and sizes, you can now hide (and use!) your selection of sex toys in plain sight without fear of being rumbled.

Sex Toys So Discreet, You Can Hide Them In Plain Sight

But if you're keen on a more discreet sex toy, here are some for you. Including a rubber ducky. Sex Toys That Look Like Normal Things, So You Can Hide Them In Plain Sight

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With a associate, you might also use this male sex the dishwasher unusual sex toy cleaner for when things get really dirty toy to spice up your bedroom life and luxuriate in a mind-blowing sexual experience. While with a companion, I like using the homosexual dildo to tease him somewhat earlier than we start driving.

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If you’re feeling really bold, hide your sex toys in plain sight. Maybe this isn’t a good solution for your textured beige dildo with giant testicles . Unless you’ve finally decided IDGAF — then keep your toy suction-cupped to the shower wall and dare anyone to question you.

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Obviously, Amazon ships everything in the same style of plain package, but dedicated sex toy retailers put in time and effort to ensure that the person delivering your mail, your neighbors and ...

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Not only did they not notice the Fleshlights all over my house, but they actually bragged about how posh and sex toy-free my place looked! That’s a win in my book. Here are 8 tried and tested ways to hide a Fleshlight in plain sight without anyone noticing: 1. The Toothbrush Holder.

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They guys decided to make a game out of it, hiding the phallus in plain sight. Can you find it in the photos below? ... But it can also be fun just to try and find the sex toy in any given photo ...

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There's even an option you can leave hiding in plain sight, like on the dining room table. There's another you can wear around your neck if you're feeling extra cheeky. Read on to learn more about how to de-stress your special-alone-time with an assist from these incognito sex toys. How do you keep your toys hidden? Image via Tyler Burruss/Flickr

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7 Vibrators so Discreet, You Can Keep Them in Your Purse at All Times. Vibrators are a godsend. After an incredibly stressful day, there's nothing like a much-needed pleasure session with your go-to vibe. Sometimes, you day is so stressful that you need to get off in the nearest bathroom stall, but carrying around your hefty rabbit vibrator isn ...