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Some materials do, especially if they touch certain other materials. Even some silicone toys can melt, at least that's what I read a few times online.

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That’s a holdover from when most “siliconesex toys were not, in fact, pure silicone. No oils or mystery substance has leaked to the bottom of her drawer , either. UPDATE: NOV 13th: I noticed some significant changes recently, and have decided to update the photos.

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This myth is oddly prevalent especially with new reviewers. True, pure medical grade / food grade / platinum silicone sex toys will never degrade (or "melt"). That only happens with mixed products, TPR, jelly, etc. Proof 1: Proof 2: Mine is the second one. There are 4 different brands of silicone toys in there I think.

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Sex toys melt when chemical reactions take place between the toy material and an outside source. There are two main sources of toy meltage: improper lubricant and improper storage. Improper Storage. Do not just toss toys of different materials into a box or drawer. Different materials have different chemicals which can react causing toys to melt.

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Rubber, vinyl, and regular silicone toys don’t have this problem when stored together. Cyberskin toys should be stored separately, either in another box, or in Ziploc bags. Actually, we recommend individually bagging all your toys. It’s a great way to make sure they stay clean and free from dust and lint.

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How to store silicone sex toys. We need suggestions on how to safely and cleanly store silicone sex toys. With standard plastic sex toys we have always stored them in a bedside drawer just tossed in (after being washed of course) or sometimes a duffel bag. But after finding out about the germs and cancer risk caused by normal plastic toys ...

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Most sex educators and sex toy companies teach that you cannot use silicone lube with silicone toys and that doing so will ruin your toy. Is this true? Kind of. But if you imagine your toy melting immediately upon contact, that’s not the case.

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motorized: warm water and soap or sex toy cleaner. nonmotorized: can also use boiling water or sanitize in dishwasher. glass and Pyrex: lint-free fabric bag or padded container. silicone or ...

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The lube will start to solidify onto the toy, and the toy will start to melt into the lube, leaving you with a toy that has a melted cheese-like consistency on the outside. Cool if you are into science, yes, but probably not what you want to happen to your brand new, medical-grade silicone cock rings.

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The best thing about sex toys is that you can pretty much use them in whatever way brings you pleasure. It’s your body, so you get to pick what toys to use and how: the shape, the type of touch ...